ETF supports the most promising entrepreneurs developing technology solutions to train, upskill and connect low income / lower skill adults to employment. ETF works closely with investees to offer flexible capital tailored to their business model and the objectives of ETF.

The Fund will also act as a catalyst, inspiring and enabling traditional and non-traditional investors to provide capital to the fast-growing employment tech market. Proceeds of the Fund’s investment’s will be recycled into new investments maximizing ETF’s social and catalytic approach.

Aside from capital, we seek to build an ecosystem that provides meaningful support to employment tech entrepreneurs. As we develop our pipeline and set of portfolio companies, we will build a community of passionate mission-driven employment tech entrepreneurs, who we support with our collective network, experiences and market knowledge.


To harness the power of technology to improve the employment trajectory, earning potential and life outcomes for low income / lower skill adults in the US.


To close the Employment Opportunity Gap for over 100 million adult workers in the US who struggle to find meaningful employment.

To assist entrepreneurs that have capital needs critical to achieving the next stage in their company’s development. For example:

  • Scaling the reach and market penetration of the organization
  • Validating or proving the revenue / sales model
  • Funding a pilot that further validates the product’s efficacy for a segment of the Target Audience
  • Assist an established technology company in “pivoting” its solution to the Target Audience

Impact Metrics

ETF will track and measure company and fund-level impact metrics. ETF will work alongside entrepreneurs to select meaningful metrics that align with each entrepreneurs’ business model. Select metrics may include: number of job matches, increase in earnings, number of consecutive months employed, number of training hours. At the portfolio level, the focus will be on crowding in other sources of capital both to ETF and to ETF portfolio companies. ETF will also aggregate company level data and track demographic data across the fund. Both the company and portfolio metrics will be key measures of ETF’s success.